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Conviction is a new venture firm purpose-built to serve AI-Native, "Software 3.0" companies. We believe we are extremely early in the translation of powerful AI models to powerful products that transform industries.

We partner with the most important companies of tomorrow with $1 to $10M checks.

We like to invest early, and are often the first investor.

We have the courage of our own convictions.

We have a wide and deep network that we put to work in service of our portfolio companies. We understand the domain and are hands-on. We like to work with people who are smart, enthusiastic, have depth, and move fast. Our goal is to help the founders we work with become their most ambitious selves.



We have backed engineers, researchers, product folks, domain experts and dropouts. We gravitate towards technical teams who build with velocity and pragmatism. We're lucky to already be in business with extraordinary founders and companies, like the ones listed below and others still in stealth.